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The Very Organized Thief


You play as a thief. The Very Organized Thief.

Using your skills, discover how organized you are, in a game that plays with your expectations every time you play.

Quickly search for items on your checklist that can be found scattered throughout unique levels. And then do what every thief would do, escape with the loot!

Easy! Right?


The original The Very Organized Thief was created as part of a small 7-day challenge and has been played by millions, and Let’s Played by thousands across different cultures, over the past five years.

In that time, we have been attempting to take the original concept from a simple web game into a full-featured title, exploring various ideas and experiments to help find it.

We are currently working on a remake of the original to Web, to use it as a starting point for everything to come.


  • Search for items on your checklist.
  • Explore unique levels.
  • Adapt, use stealth, or not.
  • More features to come.


Branding & Logos

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will there be a release to Steam?
    We are working on a Steam release, though it's release date is yet to be determined.
  • Will there be a console version?
    At the moment it's difficult to say, but we would love to develop The Very Organized Thief for consoles too.
  • Will there be multiplayer or co-op?
    It's very unlikely at this point, though it is something we are keeping in mind moving forwards.


  • Alex Tuckett
    Game Developer, Designer, Programmer & Artist
  • Elise Le Blanc
    Game Designer, 2D & 3D Artist

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