Alex Tuckett

Programmer, Technical Artist, Game & Web Designer


Alex has spent 13 years in a dedicated pursuit of learning one thing. Game Development. After briefly working in the commercial games industry as a Technical Artist. He left to focus on creating his own games. The majority of his time is spent diligently researching, designing and developing a variety of games and tools to help support Redefinition Games as it moves forwards. He has also worked with a number of other independent game developers, helping them concept and develop their own games. His current goal in the game industry is to create unique games, and to bring back a little bit of integrity into the games industry.

Game Credits

  • Super Mega Jump 3D

    Super Jump from platform to platform! Shoot octahedrons with Mega Weapons! Watch your step and mind the gaps!

  • The Maze - Keeper Of Doom

    Find the key and escape the hedge maze. But beware! Things are a little relaxed in this maze. A little TOO relaxed.

  • The Very Organized Thief

    You are a thief. A very organized thief. THE Very Organized Thief! A short game that is available to play in browser and on PC, Mac and Linux. It is designed to be neither easy or hard and slightly different everytime you play.

  • Chance

    You've got 60 seconds! Know your chance, pick your door and make your way through 60 seconds of sandy floors and doorways! Else meet your fate!

  • Minotaur Maze

    Minotaur Maze is a game using procedural generation to create unique mazes everytime you play. How big are the mazes? You get to decide!

Latest Posts

  • May 2016 Summary

    Now this is really late! Last month I spent time on refining our combat system, adding new features to give us better control and solving a few problems around using an IK System. The goal being to let the player be able to see their entire body whilst performing actions, like shooting. Because a number […]

  • April 2016 Summary

    It’s been a pretty busy month! And this post is late! But it has been by far the most productive, making some pretty big leaps forward which is why it’s been a little quiet from us lately. There hasn’t been a developer diary for a while, but one should be coming soon! So last month […]

  • March 2016 Summary

    Last month has been a mixed bag of many things to be done. The survey we ran went very well and the results were surprising. We now have a much better idea of what we can do with the audience we currently have. We still have our work cut out for us if our new […]