Redefinition Games is a independent games studio based in Melbourne, Australia, working on small titles for handheld devices and desktops. It is currently run by Alex Tuckett and Elise Le Blanc, a tiny team who are dedicated and passionate about everything game related. Our goal at Redefinition Games is to have fun while we develop unique games and experiences for people to play and enjoy.

The Team

Alex Tuckett
Game Programmer, Technical Artist, Game & Web Designer
Elise Le Blanc
2D and 3D Artist, Illustrator, Game Designer


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Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy

NOTE: Redefinition Games is currently in the process of refining it’s Terms and Conditions, and it’s Privacy Policy.


Currently not hiring!

Support Us

If you’d like to help us in our endevours, feel free to pre-order our games or donate. Any one who donates will also be credited as “Supporters” in future titles.

NOTE: If you wish to be credited please contact us to let us know you have made a donation as a way of giving us permission to use your name in the credits. If you would like a different name to be shown, let us know in the same email.

Questions & Answers

If you’d like to ask us a question. Feel free to ask us at and we’ll do our best to answer them.

What platforms do you develop on?

Currently we’re focused on developing games for the Web, PC, Mac and Linux. But we’re currently making plans to move to other platforms such as iOS devices and Android.

Are you Australian game developers?

Yes we are!

Is it okay if I create a Let’s Play/review of [insert game]?

Absolutely! We’re happy for be people create Let’s Play/review videos.

Can I monetize my Let’s Play/review video on YouTube of [insert game]?

If you’d like to know if you can monetize your Let’s Play/review video of one of our games, go to our Games page and view the game you have made Let’s Play about. On the page there is a Permissions section which provides you details about how and what you need to do to be permitted to monetize your video.

Can I help out on your projects?

Unfortunately not at the present time. If we do require help we’ll be posting requests for people in our blog, a dedicated page or other suitable channels (Twitter, Facebook).

Can you help me out on my project/s?

As much as we would like to help everyone on their projects, we really can’t. We have a number of things in development which limits the time we have to work on additional projects. Unless the project you are offering is a paid project and you are willing to negotiate a contract, we have to turn down propositions. Sorry!

Can I ask you for advice about game development?

Sure you can! Feel free to ask us any questions at our page. We might not be able to answer all questions people ask but we’ll do our best.

Is it okay if I host your game/s on my site?

No. You may ask us permission, but you are likely not to get a response from us. If you are already hosting any of games without our permission. We kindly ask that you take it down. Please visit the Legal page for more information about terms of use and licensing.

How can we get in contact with you?

You will need a JavaScript-enabled browser to see the email address

Please include a subject about what you are contacting us about otherwise it will be marked as junk. e.g Let’s Play, Fan art, Job etc.

NOTE: Any unsolicited emails to do with supporting crowd-funding campaigns will be treated as spam (sorry!).