Game, The Very Organized Thief

The Very Organized Thief

We’re happy to finally release something! Even if it’s not something we’ve been working on for ages. A little time opened up for both Elise and I (Alex) to try something different and something we had always been talking about. To which we made The Very Organized Thief.

The Very Organized Thief

So you are a thief. A very organized thief. And your objective is to find all the items on your checklist in the house and then escape.


It was put together in 7 days and then polished for a few more afterwards. We wanted to make a game that was challenging and a little bit different. We also wanted it to be neither easy or hard, and slightly different everytime you played it.

TVOThief - Screenshot 1

You can play it at Kongregate or GameJolt, or both! And we hope you enjoy being very organized and a thief!


    Tap says on

    I had a lot of fun playing TVO Thief. The Owner had good AI, The controls were basic and easy to get use to, The option to pickup objects and place them anywhere made it fun just to screw around and trash the house and the availability to Turn Off the Power, and Alarms were cool. I had lots of things to do other then robbing the house. I once built a barricade on the stairs so she would try to push the 6 chairs I threw down the stairs while I threw random objects at her. I also made sort of gamemode where at the start of the game you cut the green wire, turning the power off, then you just survive as long as you can with her in the house. Some rules are you can only in a room for 15 seconds maximum and you can’t pick up objects. This gamemode makes the Owner very creepy. I had a few problems with the objects like not being able to move because the object I was holding was blocking my way, Bigger objects not going through doors, some objects floating, (Specifically the White Portrait) and some objects simply disappearing. A side from that the game was great. :)

    James says on

    The safe room or the parents room as I call it the safe opens if you dont type in any numbers which is too easy. Also the turning needs to be faster. Maybe make more objectives and possible houses or mansions or CASTLES!!! Just a thought. Thanks keep up the awesome development!

      arcane.artist says on

      Thanks for feedback!

      Our next update is going to provide basic options to adjust input settings. Which we will hopefully be making available soon.

      We unfortunately won’t be creating additional levels at this stage. However we are making plans considering the overwhelming popularity of the game to take it further. : )

        James says on

        Ok sure cause that would take forever to code in a do bug fixes etc. But could you please add a face to the owner of the house cause I think its a woman but It might be intended to be a man. And maybe possibly alarms and cameras or maybe even LASERS!!!!! Also it would be great if the game had more mechanics. Thanks for the update. This game still doesn’t get old for it’s unique horrorish and stealthy feeling. Thanks again!

    Nathan says on

    the developers should add a mode were you can break in at night while a family is sleeping. That would be fun.

    ruddyadam says on

    Hey, I just saw this on an LP from RockLeeSmile on youtube, downloaded your game, and wow! it really is fun! I really, really like the concept. The random nature or your “to do” list and the item locations for sure give it a lot of replayability.

    I also think it is a really funny concept, which just makes me smile while playing it – I want the microwave and the bbq grill, but not the laptop or the diamond ring – just funny :D. You could take this idea very far and randomize many things, like exactly how much cash to grab or behavioral OCD things like not visiting the same room more than twice without a penalty, or having to open and close the same drawer 2 times before leaving — something that goes along with what makes this game funny.

    Great job with this, and thank you for making it!

    Keai Chan says on

    I had problems going out through the door… I couldn’t get out. No matter what i did… So i guess its a glitch? Please fix! >m<"

      arcane.artist says on

      Thanks for letting us know. Could you tell us what version this occurred on?

      If the owner isn’t home and you haven’t “borrowed” all the items on the list. You won’t be able to until you do. The opportunity to leave is only given once all items are found, or the owner is home and inside. If it’s none of those scenarios, then it is likely to be a glitch.

    Dawson H says on

    Guys, this game has SO much POTENTIAL! This opens up almost a brand new genre at least! I could not stop playing this over and over and have many thoughts about what this game could become! Please continue to develop this!

      arcane.artist says on

      Great to hear you enjoyed it so much. LoL

      As for continuing to develop on The Very Organized Thief, we will be coming back to it sometime in the future. It pains us to say that to people but we feel it’s the best course of action under the current circumstances we face. But we will be coming back to it!