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  • Environment Art for New Game

    A hallway with some mysterious light coming from the doorway ahead.

    Hello everyone! Unfortunately I was unable to post for a while due to my day job, which meant I couldn’t work on the game much at all. But I’ve managed to re-arrange things a bit so that I can get back into working with Alex on the project. Hurray! So now that I’ve made some time, […]

  • March 2016 Summary

    The placement of props and textures on walls is done procedurally. (WIP)

    Last month has been a mixed bag of many things to be done. The survey we ran went very well and the results were surprising. We now have a much better idea of what we can do with the audience we currently have. We still have our work cut out for us if our new […]

  • The Survey has Ended

    Survey Complete! Thank you!

    The survey has come to an end! We’d like to thank everyone who has taken the survey. The information you have given us is going to help us understand more about the options we have and the direction we’re likely to move in. Alex is going to be doing a bit of data crunching on […]

Developer Diaries

Answering Your Questions

We're answering your questions from our survey. We received a number of questions left to us from people taking part...

Winging It

After a poorly timed random event last month, we talk about a couple changes we've had to make, as well...

2015 and Beyond

In this video we talk about the year gone by and some of the plans we have for 2016. Want...