April Update

It has once again, been a long time since our last update. So what’s been happenin’?

We’ve been working very hard on our next game which we will hopefully be releasing soon. Our scheduled release for the game had been pushed back a number of times due to some unexpected happenings. As a result we’ve had to take some time off from the project and focus it into research and non-game development related things. The Very Organized Thief has also suffered from a lack updates because of this. But we’re happy to say after a few months of pandemonium to reorganize, we’re back on track.

We hope once our next game is released we will be bringing a few very needed little updates to The Very Organized Thief.

And sorry for the lack of blog updates since Christmas! We’d like to thank everyone who has been playing, and continues to play, The Very Organized Thief. You guys are awesome!


Firstly, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! May your day be filled with good cheer, many presents, and frosty beers for those of you who a legally allowed to drink.

We have recently updated our website to fit a format that we feel is a little more useful to everyone in general. There’s still a little bit of work to be done. But you can now find additional information about the games we’ve created in the ‘Games’ page. There is new information such as articles, reviews, instructions, where you can play and download them, and permissions.

We’ve had a number of people ask if it is Ok to monetize their video/s of The Very Organized Thief on YouTube. With the enforcement of new infringement and copyright schemes being implemented, we have been quietly discussing our stance on it and we’ve taken steps to make it easier for people to find out through the changes to our website.

All you have to do is visit the page for the game you want to know about and there will be a Permission section which will state what you are allowed to do. If what you intend to do is not listed, or you are not entirely sure based on the permissions being stated. Feel free to get in contact with us and we’ll be happy let you know what’s possible.

Our feeling is that not every single person who views a YouTuber’s video is going to play that game, rather, they are there to enjoy the content being created by that user. It is also reaching people that, as developers creating games for a particular audience, can’t really be reached without the kind of exposure that these people are providing. And that is a great thing for both parties.

However, developers should be entitled to making their own decisions about their content. Especially in cases where user’s are lying, defaming and/or violating the rights of the developer/s. In those situations they are well within their own rights to take certain actions. As long as those actions are also done so within good reason. But at the end of the day, it IS up to the developer and they are entitled in doing what they believe is the best course of action for their IP, and business.

For Redefinition Games however, as long as there is a mutual respect and no violation of our rights, a user’s, or another persons rights. We’re cool with it. As content creators, we should be happy that everyone is chipping into each others process of creating content, even if the result of everyone’s effort is indirect.

With that all being said. We hope you are all having a Merry Christmas! And your New Year is a great one! Until next update, have fun, relax, play some games, and enjoy pleasant company!


-Alex ‘n’ Elise

The Very Organized Thief – One Month Later

It’s been over a month since the first release of The Very Organized Thief. And what an absolutely awesome month it has been!!

Our small and simple little game turned out to capture the imaginations of many people. With currently over 100,000 official plays, over 2,000,000 people watching people play it on YouTube in 500+ Let’s Plays, and several great articles. The Very Organized Thief has become a surprising (and unexpected) success.

The Very Organized Thief is one of a number of open test scenario we have been coming up with to get to some games we’ve had planned. Without giving too much away, these games have been in the works for some time and we’d very much like for everyone to play those too!

There have also been many great suggestions from people, many cool and awesome features we’d love to add to The Very Organized Thief. However we have to stand our ground a little and say we’ll be coming back to The Very Organized Thief sometime in the future. The trade off being that you might not get more of The Very Organized Thief, but we will at least give people more (free) games to play. How soon we’ll be coming back The Very Organized Thief and how many games really depends on a number of things which we’ve been spending the last few weeks discussing how to make that possible.

The real challenge with it, like with anything, is funding. We are currently only 2 people who are working out of our own pockets, spending the last few years saving what money we’ve earned and putting it towards learning material, tools and rather expensive software licenses we’ve had formal training in (all this was before the awesome affordable software and rental plans that are now available >:| ). So we’re currently working out a Kickstarter Campaign to hopefully help us out, so we can continue to make more games for people to play. : )

So over the coming months we plan to release another game, start a crowd funding campaign, continue to test a number of concepts that we’d like to play around with, pull a few surprises and stress test some systems that have been in development for some time. All of which will be contributing to a much bigger game and goals we have planned ; )

We want to thank everyone who has played, downloaded, commented, shared, reviewed, given us feedback and made Let’s Plays of The Very Organized Thief. After 4 years of research and development, your immense response has helped us realise why we love making games, and why we want to continue to make more, bigger and better games.

Thanks again : ) We’ll be doing our best over the next few months to keep you up-to-date. Until then we wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

-Alex ‘n’ Elise

The Very Organized Thief

We’re happy to finally release something! Even if it’s not something we’ve been working on for ages. A little time opened up for both Elise and I (Alex) to try something different and something we had always been talking about. To which we made The Very Organized Thief.

The Very Organized Thief

So you are a thief. A very organized thief. And your objective is to find all the items on your checklist in the house and then escape.


It was put together in 7 days and then polished for a few more afterwards. We wanted to make a game that was challenging and a little bit different. We also wanted it to be neither easy or hard, and slightly different everytime you played it.

TVOThief - Screenshot 1

You can play it at Kongregate or GameJolt, or both! And we hope you enjoy being very organized and a thief!

Something Something

It has been a long time as usual. Redefinitions Games is slowly moving along. Unfortunately slower then before.

As more things get done, life in general seems to be getting much busier for us. We’re still working on our projects but not as much as we’d like to. It has been kind of crazy lately.

We’re hoping some scheduling and shuffling will free up more time to put it back into our current projects. Hopefully bringing back some focus.

Time will tell.

March?… Update!!!!

The days have been hot, we haven’t stopped working and this year is flying by leaving us barely any time to update!

So what’s been happening.

As you can see from the site, it has been updated. There was suppose to be an update following the new site release but someone forgot to hit publish… …Alex! Regardless, we have a new, a bit more organized layout, with plenty more still to come.

There has been a lot of changes to the direction we were originally moving in since last update. A few unexpected twists in our target platform had caused us to do a major rethink. Stressful as it was, it has been for the better. It has helped us spread the load and start other things much sooner then we thought possible.

As usual, Alex has been madly coding. He is currently working with Josh Sacco once again on his game DeathSpuds! Spending the last 2 months revising the code used for Freeplay demo and implementing better AI. It is also now using Unity 4, and some of it’s features. He has also set up a blog where he will share some of his tips and tools. You can check out his website at http://arcaneartist.redefinitiongames.com/.

Elise has also set up a website to get her own little drawing projects going. You can check out her website and works at www.elise.id.au. Her site also has links various videos in her YouTube Channel of her drawing the images. So go check them out!

Together we have also been working on a small flash point and click / hidden object game episodic which is coming together relatively quickly. Since a lot of the games we’ve been developing are focused mainly around telling a story, we have started small and in chunks to help develop that story telling skill within a game. At the same time we are taking the opportunity to utilize our existing 2D frameworks to quickly put this game together. We’re not saying when it will be done because we honestly don’t know. But you can check out Elise and Alex’s websites for any updates related to the game.

A lot of the plans we imagined for Redefinition Games are really starting to manifest into something more then just research and development. It has taken a long time, but the journey has been absolutely worth it!

We also want to say a big thank you to Jason Close. If not for your relentless small contributions, a lot may not have been possible. Your generosity has helped us explore more avenues in what we are trying to create, now, and for the future of Redef. So THANK YOU JASON!!! You are helping make things possible!

Finally! Some Time to Focus!

As usual we’ve been pretty busy and I’m glad to say most of our time is now going into Redef!

We now have 3 months to just focus on what we’ve been wanting to do without our usual pressures, which were mainly school work and assignments. Not that it was a bad thing. Far from it. Our studies have helped us look deeper at what it’s going to take to start up a business and make it successful, and we’ve been really itching to take everything we’ve learnt and use it on Redef.

We know, it’s hardly starting up considering it been over 3 years since starting Redef. But it has been a good 3 years well spent preparing for what is going to be a successful endeavour (fingers crossed). In that time we’ve also managed to gain the experience and acquire most of the software licenses to allow us to do it all properly.

So what have we been doing lately.

We’ve been spending a few days a week getting a the new website made up and looking pretty. Alex has been hopping about like a mad man developing and implementing the design with WordPress (whilst jugging everything else he usually is -_-”). You’ve probably noticed the new extra buttons and random pages. They are currently place-holder pages for the new content going up. Some of these pages won’t be available just yet, but it’s a good sneak peak at what we’ve got planned for the future.

Elise has also been drawing up concept art as well as doing extra drawings and posting it up on YouTube. You should check them out here. She’s also been working on some for our game, helping develop the overall style of the characters as well as there design.

So expect some exciting things to come! Well… we’re hopeful.


It has been a long time since the last update. A very long time. And it’s about time I made myself write one, finish it, and actually hit publish!

Yes… we’re still alive and busy as usual. Nothing really new there.

But what’s been happening with Redefinition Games?

We’ve gone underground for the moment, having a surplus of designed games and finally having the licenses to be able to develop them. We best thought to stay a little quiet and not get to excited.

A lot of the games we were working on in the past were shelved due to the fact of “not having the software license/s to create the art for them”. But now that we have the licenses to create that art, we’ve been pragmatically going through our designs to determine which ones we would like to do, seeing where they fit into the grand scheme, and prioritizing them.

We’ve been spending the majority of our time revising some of these designs to a state where they can be moved into pre-production. Where we will then develop them further.

It has been a relatively heavy design phase at the moment. Nailing down all the ideas we’d like to do, considering what we get away with in the time we have and seeing what’s feasible given what we already have. There has also been a little bit of prototyping to help us in this process as well.

Nothing really tangible as of yet, but some progress and a lot of work is being done.

Also! A new website being jammed in there somewhere, which is also currently in the works.

So expect some things to come in the future. Not going to say when, because that normally never works out to plan. But be prepared for some surprises from Redefinition Games to say the least.

Also, check out DeathSpuds. A game from the creative mind of Josh Sacco, the overclocked animator Adam Taylor, and the fuzzy logic of Alex Tuckett. It’s guaranteed to make you ask yourself “Why a potato?”

July Update!

So once again we are making progress slowly. With the need to complete assignments for school, and bashing out a quick experimental game with our flash framework why wouldn’t it be.

The last month has probably been the hardest month for us. Juggling a constant bombardment of new topics in our courses, in our development process, and barely any time to do much more else.

Now that I think about it I haven’t really talked about who “us” is!

As it’s stands at the moment Redefinition Games is made 2 official people, with several others who we often work with on their own stuff. See affiliates for some. The person who does most of the writing at the moment on this blogs is Alex (speaking in third person). I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Studies and have previously studied an Advanced Diploma in Game Development (Arts). I am often referred to as “One of THOSE people” or more correctly a Technical Artist. I do pretty much all the programming for Redefinition Games at the moment, as well as 3D art. The other person is Elise, who is studying a Bachelor of Communications, learning about marketing, advertisement and story writing for various medias. She is the resident story writer and 2D artist. We both love games and want to hopefully make a game that isn’t just one of those every day games everyone plays and passionate game developers hate. We’ve spent the last 2 years developing games and heavily researching all aspects of what we need to do to make it all happen. We’ve been doing it quietly and out of sight, intentionally avoiding to much attention, at least for the moment..

So that is “us”. Hopefully that should help clear up any confusion about “us” at least for the moment. Any new people we get on board will introduce on our blog from now own, probably a good idea.

But aside from all that’s been going on we managed to squeeze out a game amougst that chaos, Chance, which we learnt a lot from. Although not a fantastic game a lot went on to get it to where it is.

So what went on within that week of development.

Chance was one of those games we were experimenting with a while ago with our Flash framework. It was roughly 4 days of just putting something simple together. However the result of the left us with a game that felt like it needed something more to make it feel more like a game rather then a pointless game of entering random doors with out making it too complex. Which we didn’t come up with. All we wanted to was to keep it simple. And we did to add any more of the ideas we were coming up with, would of made it more complex.

Until recently it was something that was never going to see the light of day. But thanks to an email from Mochi and telling us about one of there competitions, we realized that the rules for that competition could really fit with Chance. So we spent a good week fixing up the code and art to something a little more pleasant to look at. We also integrated the Mochi Api into it to handle leader-boards and player scoring. We also added achievements just to see how it worked as well as a “why the hell not”. It was also great opportunity to see how much revenue would be generated with a simple game. As it stands it’s 500 players has earnt us $0.50!

Initially Chance was uploaded with Keyboard support only. Eventually thanks to some feedback about not being able to “press space” on a phone, I added mouse and touch controls. Majority of that was a porting exercise, re-writing our existing AI framework in C# for Unity to Actionscript, specifically the Path finding (AStar) and AI Graph generation. This was used to let us calculate a path from the player to the user touch or cursor clicked position, to which the player would follow.

This whole experiences was pretty much a hack of code and art. Doing things I wouldn’t usually do in order to get the game to react the way I needed it to. Also the art was quite a mess, adding stacks of individual images rather then packing them into a nice sprite sheet. The need to finish overwrote anything that you would consider “good practice” which was actually a liberating experience. After spending a lot of time in design lately, hammering something out just felt damn good.

The result of all that was Chance. Not the greatest game in the world, certainly could of used more. But at least a debut to the MNDCrp Framework and a great learning experience to a service we hadn’t used before.

Well it’s getting early and I should go to sleep. Who know what kind of grammatical errors I have introduced in a state of “I can’t be bothered to proof read thanks to need of sleep”.

I will say one last thing, and that is WE HAVE A MAYA LICENSE! I’m not going to make any promises but you may want to expect 3D art appearing. Maybe, you’ll find out! But no promises.

Good morning to every and I hope you all have a great day!



A 60 second chance to meet your fate! Know your chance, pick your door and make your way through an endless 60 seconds of sandy floors and doorways! But be wary, not all doors are as enticing as they seem! Will you escape! Will you fall to your doom! Or will wander around aimlessly… unsure… and confused… UNTIL you fall to your demise! You decide!

Click to Play Chance