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  • These are three types of enemies that you will see, and be able to shoot at!

    Art ‘n’ a Bit of Gameplay

    Hi everyone! For the last month or so, I’ve been working on the art for our new and upcoming game (title coming soon). This was mostly the┬áconcept art which involved creating monsters for the AI and designing the player character and their weapons. The crystal monsters were where I was able to be the most […]

  • Maze like series of rooms. The lines and colors are used to determine what difficulty level obstacles and challenges are likely to be placed in those rooms. (WIP)

    May 2016 Summary

    Now this is really late! Last month I spent time on refining our combat system, adding new features to give us better control and solving a few problems around using an IK System. The goal being to let the player be able to see their entire body whilst performing actions, like shooting. Because a number […]

  • Creepy rooms and corridors (WIP)

    April 2016 Summary

    It’s been a pretty busy month! And this post is late! But it has been by far the most productive, making some pretty big leaps forward which is why it’s been a little quiet from us lately. There hasn’t been a developer diary for a while, but one should be coming soon! So last month […]

Developer Diaries

Where is TVOThief?

In this video we talk about some important issues we are working through and a number of things going on...

Development Roadmap

After a busy month, we take some time to talk about our development roadmap. Find out what our current plans...

Answering Your Questions

We're answering your questions from our survey. We received a number of questions left to us from people taking part...