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The Very Organized Thief Q & A

We finally got around to answering some questions we’ve been wanting to answer for a long time.

If you’d like to ask more questions about us, The Very Organized Thief or if you’re interested in creating games yourself and want to know more. Just send us your question on Twitter.

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Trying Something New

Once again, its has been a while. But this time, we have a video!

Our goal with Video Diaries is to do them regularly, as a way to keep everyone up to date and informed with what’s going on with development in a less formal manner. From that, we hope everyone gets to know us a little better.

Also, feel let us know what you think of this format. We happily welcome any ideas, questions, feedback or even just leave a comment if you feel like leaving one.

We hope you enjoy the video and continue to look forward to things to come!

-Alex & Elise

P.S The Terraria game play footage was just for fun : )

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We’ve Been Let’s Playing!

Ever since we watched the first bunch of people Let Playing The Very Organized Thief, they inspired us to attempt Let’s Playing ourselves. And for the last 2 years, whenever time permitted, we recorded some of our own as a way to have fun and relax.

But unfortunately, we were so busy we were never able to edit them.

Until now!

As part of the changes we’ve been making. We’ve given ourselves a little bit of time to edit those videos as way to create more content for people to enjoy while we continue to work on games.

And thanks to a two year backlog, we have plenty to release. We also have a some other types of videos planned, such as developer video diaries (and more), in addition to these videos.

They will be featured on our individual YouTube channels, and sorted into playlists on the Redefinition Games channel. So feel free to subscribe to one, some, or all of them to stay informed of new videos when they get released.

Click any of the links below to go to our channels.

We’re hoping to release them regularly, but given our current situation it may not be as regular as we’d like it to be. At least for the moment.

But until then, here’s some of our most recent videos that you can watch right now!

Watch us playing Sniper Elite 2. Our most recently recorded video to start it all off.

And/or watch us playing Minecraft on our friend’s (Ben Reali) channel, playing on an endurance adventure map they created for us. A map which took him, and our other friend (Richard Graham), a year to build.

We also have older videos on our channels that you can look at if you’d like. If you’re an artist, or interested in art, Elise’s channel also contains art videos.

Please feel free to Like, Subscribe and leave us comments. Any feedback will help us make better videos for everyone on our channels.

We hope you enjoy our Let’s Plays, and the many more videos to come.

– Alex & Elise

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Spooky Environment Art

Since my last art update post, I’ve been working on the environment props and textures. Because our new spooky themed game is set in an old run down school, most of the props include things like school desks, benches and chairs.

I set up an example scene in Unity where I’ve been testing out the models and tiling of the textures. This was also to see how they looked with the PSX shader Alex made previously.

A screenshot of the scene where I was testing some of the environment art for our spooky game!

A screenshot of the scene where I was testing some of the environment art for our spooky game!

The textures are all low resolution and pixelated, so that they match the old 3D PSX game style we are going for. Some of the textures still need a bit of tweaking, but they are coming along nicely.

The challenge for some of the textures is to make sure they look weathered and visually interesting, yet still tile very well so they can be used all over the place. This is the first game I’ve worked on since I was in university that had a lot of textures, so this is a fun challenge for me.

Another screenshot of the test scene!

Another screenshot of the test scene!

Unfortunately this is the last week of my holiday, so soon I will have less time to devote to the game. I’ll continue to post art related updates as often as I can, and of course Alex will still be around to update you more regularly on the progress of our games!

I hope that you enjoyed this post, and that you’re looking forward to seeing more of the spooky games progress. Please let us know what you think! :D

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Super Mega Jump 3D

After 72 hours of jamming. We’re proud to announce the release of SUPER MEGA JUMP 3D for the Indies Vs Gamers Jam over at GameJolt !

Click to Play It Now!

Click to Play It Now!

Super Jump from platform to platform! Shoot octahedrons with Mega Weapons! Watch your step and mind those gaps while you try to generate loads of points!


Shoot them Octahedrons!

The jam may be over, but it won’t end there. Their will be many updates to come to add more features, fix bugs and to simply make it even more fun to play.

But until then, we hope you enjoy Super Mega Jump 3D!

Now go go go!!! START SUPER JUMPING!!!

Developer Diary

Participating in the Indie Vs Gamers Jam

So I’ve decided to take part in the Indie Vs Gamers Jam!

For a long time I’ve wanted to take part in a Game Jam, but always found myself too busy to really take part in one or I was caught up in something which wouldn’t really allow for it. It was really annoying, because I’d always come across a Game Jam, get excited by it and then turn to Elise and say “wouldn’t it be cool if we made a game like this!”. We’d often end up talking about what the game could be in kind of a free-4-all verbal game design session.

And as fun as it was doing that, it kind of sucked because those ideas never materialized into a game.

For the last year, that feeling has been there all the time. Holding ourselves back to focus on one thing, which overtime accumulated more problems around it then we could really deal with. Not so much in terms of developing it, but more from the limitations of the environment we currently live in and sorting out problems which happened naturally over the years with TVOThief. It reached a point where it was impossible for 2 people to handle.

And the worst part of it all was we felt we couldn’t express the ideas we wanted to create. Like we had built some kind of wall in front of our creativity to keep us working on something which needed the thing behind that wall.

Something had to change.

So part of the changes that we’ve been making is to help break down that wall and tap into our creativity again. And from what I’ve seen, there’s nothing more creative then a Game Jam!

The source of my motivation is energy drinks and Elise with a baseball bat.

The source of my motivation is energy drinks and Elise with a baseball bat.

Sooo… while Elise continues to work on art for our spooky game and dispense motivation. I’ll be throwing myself into the fray getting no sleep, powering up on energy drinks and hopefully staying alive to create something fun, and hopefully cohesive, for everyone to play in the Indie Vs Gamers Jam!

Wish me luck!

And best of luck to everyone participating in the Indie Vs Gamers Jam! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!!

Developer Diary, Game

PSX Inspired Shader

For last few days (amongst other things), I’ve been working on the PSX shader to simulate that distortion you often see in PSX games. The goal is to use this shader to help add a layer of creepiness to the environment through the shader.

So before I did anything, I did a quick search on “PSX Shader” on Google to see what would come up. I ended up coming across a few forum posts which pointed me in the direction of Affine Transformations.

After doing a little bit of a deeper search, I came across a basic shader which simulated the effect, but wasn’t exactly ideal for what we were trying to do. So I spent a few hours experimenting to try and understand what was going on and come up with our own.

And I did it! But it did have some problems.

The same Affine shader creating different distortions based on the number of vertices in the mesh.

The same Affine shader creating different distortions based on the number of vertices in the mesh.

One of the problems with the shader was when in first person view, the textures underneath the player would become extremely distorted. So I ended up adding a cut-off value which determines when to blend between Affine Transformed UVs, and normal UVs to help remove the distortion underneath the player.

Distortion effect underneath the player, without and with UV blending.

Distortion effect underneath the player, without and with UV blending.

It kind of makes a nice sense of normality around the player, while everything else is distorted and feels like it’s moving.

I also added vertex snapping into the shader to simulate PSX fixed precision. I used a single float value which indicates how many increments there are per unit, and rounds each vertex axis to the nearest increment.

Simulated Vertex Precision on a ... sphere?!

Simulated Vertex Precision on a … sphere?!

Sliding the value back and forth also creates a pretty neat effect causing the vertices to move around and shake. Which we might incorporate into gameplay some how.

Sliding the vertex precision back and forth makes the room look like it's breathing!

Sliding the vertex precision back and forth makes the room look like it’s breathing!

Once I got the base shader, I wrote variations which add Vertex Coloring and support for Unity Lighting, which will allow us to create interesting lighting and set the mood. And to save time on writing too much shader code, I wrote it in a Surface Shader.

Affecting the Lightmap UVs to create distorted looking UVs.

Affecting the Lightmap UVs to create distorted looking UVs.

After testing it a little further, I was pretty happy with the results. The final result is a nice distortion effect to create a slightly creepy environment.

Art, Developer Diary

Concept Art for a Spooky School

For the last week I’ve been working on the concept art for our new game! As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, we wanted to make this one a bit scary.

We loved how people scared themselves with The Very Organized Thief, and we’ve wanted to make something horror for a while. So it seemed like a natural direction to take!

Hallway concept

Hallway concept

To describe the setting a bit, without spoiling too much, the game is set in a spooky abandoned school! Kind of cliché? Pretty much!

I roughly drew a few key areas to try and get the look and feel right. It was fun to play with the lighting, and I’m happy with the results. :)

Hallway with stairs concept

Hallway with stairs concept

Classroom concept

Classroom concept

After drawing the base art, we experimented with a few different types of lighting. I made them mostly neutral initially, but the alternate lighting picture below is probably closer to what will be in the final game. We are still experimenting, so it might not look exactly like that.

Alternate lighting - Classroom concept

Alternate lighting – Classroom concept

Due to the early decision to style the visuals of the game to look like 3D PSX games, we decided that it would have more textures than the original The Very Organized Thief. TVOThief didn’t use that many textures, and a lot of the colours were stored in the vertex channel. When it did have textures, they were usually done in the style of pixel art.

With our new horror game we’re planning to use low-resolution pixel art textures, along with a shader that Alex is working on, to create the PSX style.

Foyer concept

Foyer concept

I’ve already made a few textures for Alex to test out the shader with. He should be sharing the progress on his shader in the next post! Hope you enjoyed the concept art, and are looking forward to the next post. :)

Developer Diary, Game

Flying Puzzle Pieces

This week I setup our new project in Unity and started getting the base game-play into the game.

Since I’m mostly reusing existing code that we’re using on TVOThief, I could focus more on just coding the game and fixing up parts that needed fixing. I also wanted to treat writing code for this game as more of a way of polishing and refining what we had, adding minor features or fixing oversights based on how we end up using things.

One of the major parts we wanted to have was a painting that the player would see at the beginning of the game. The painting would then break up into pieces and fly out, spreading themselves out through the level at random locations. As a way of telling the player what they were looking for and what the overall goal is.

Along time ago, I wrote a Jigsaw Puzzle framework in JavaScript which was using HTML5’s Canvas. And at some point last year, I ported it over to Unity because I thought it would make an interesting first person mechanic; picking up jigsaw pieces and then placing them.

HTML5 Canvas Jigsaw Puzzle

HTML5 Canvas Jigsaw Puzzle

The way you put the puzzle together didn’t end up being exactly the same, but the result was pretty fun. The biggest challenge was finding a way to use it without it being just some game about piecing a image together in some giant jigsaw puzzle.

For the last few days I’ve been putting it to good use, fixing it up and applying some new things I’ve learnt in the past year to improve it and get better control over it. After a few days of programming later, this what I came up with.

Flying Puzzle Pieces

Flying Puzzle Pieces

The effect uses a combination of physics, to create the tumbling, and path finding to make them land at their destination using our own AI system.

And once you find all the pieces, you can go back to the painting and place the pieces back in.

Putting the pieces back.

Putting the pieces back.

I’m pretty happy with the result, and I had a lot of fun doing it.

The next thing I’ll be working on is creating the PSX style graphic effect using a shader and setting up a basic level to play in.

Development, Game

New Game In Progress


This week we started working on our new game, and things have been progressing nicely. We’re not 100% sure what the title is going to be but we’re pretty sure what the game is going to be about.

So our aim for this game is kind of similar to what the original TVOThief had going for itself. Tension. Except this time, we’re going to intentionally use that tension to scare the player by creating horror.

TVOThief was never originally intended to scare people, but people still found it terrifying. So we want to take what we’ve learnt from TVOThief, and apply it to something that is literally scary.

We’ve been talking about creating a horror game for a while because we’ve been wanting to explore the genre a little more, primarily for the type of story telling that can be created.

It also fits well with what we’ve already developed, code wise, in Unity.

We’re hoping to keep the game play simple so people can jump right into the game, which is less about jump scares and more about anticipating bad things to hopefully create a better mix of tension and horror.

We’ll also be exploring a number of visual techniques we’d like to try through programming, modelling and texturing as we develop the game.

Alex is fond of PSX era graphics, which is the visual style we’re hoping to imitate. That “almost” imprecise kind of glitch-y effect that you often see when playing 3D games on PSX. He’ll be talking more about that in a later developer diary, probably in the next few days. Mostly on the technical programmer side of things.

Elise has been working on concept art. Fleshing out the art style and direction while experimenting with different texturing effects. Looking at PSX games and seeing what might look best. She’ll be showing off more about that in another developer diary.

And that’s a little bit of what you can expect. We hope you’re looking forward to those upcoming developer diaries for some sneak peaks.

– Alex & Elise : )